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19 Sep

Interactive Debate

Just Peace Weekend: campaigning for peace

How to influence public opinion with the aim of stimulating peace? And what role can art play, for example, in enhancing empathy for or understanding of refugees? The personal story of two campaigners for peace will be the central element of this Hague Talks.

Saskia Stolz, founder of Power of Art House and producer of our new exhibition Moving People, will  reflect on the goals of her project and on the art that has inspired her personally. She will share her story in the middle of the exhibition area, so while listening, you can experience the exhibition yourself.

Does this exhibition move you, and if so: how? What inspires and motivates you, considering peace and sympathy for refugees? Come and share this during this interactive debate!

Also the Somali Istahil Abdulahi, who modelled for one of the Moving People, will share her extraordinary story. While participating in a basketball competition in Ethiopia, news of casualties and the outburst of civil war in her homeland Somalia reached her team. They applied for asylum in Ethiopia, but it was rejected. Through Kenia and with the help of human traffickers she arrived in The Netherlands.

These Hague Talks are part of the Just Peace Weekend. This weekend you can also take our journey of discovery for just 1 euro. Embark and feel what it is like to be on the run for a conflict or disaster.

About Moving People

For the street art project Moving People, thousands of miniature refugees will appear in the streets of Amsterdam and The Hague; on benches, train stations and maybe even on your doorstep. Ten refugees have modelled for these mini sculptures. At Humanity House we will tell their story. Additionally, we will offer you lots of information about refugees world wide.

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