Rewatch: debate Robin de Puy image on refugees - Humanity House
22 September 2017

Rewatch: debate Robin de Puy image on refugees

Can photography change the image on refugees? Check out the entire Studio Aleppo debate with Robin de Puy, Omar Imam, Donald Weber and Joyce Lagerweij.

The Humanity House was packed on Sunday the 17th of September. We then closed the very successful weekend of Studio Aleppo [The Hague]. During this weekend, Robin de Puy portrayed fifty ‘old’ and ‘new’ residents of The Hague. At the closing debat, we discussed what influence a photographer can have on social perceptions and prejudices within society.

In the first part, Robin talks about her experience of the Studio Aleppo weekend. At a very high pace, she photographed fifty The Hague residents. Is there anyone in particular who sticks in her mind? And does a portrait say more about the person portrayed or more about the photographer? Robin tells it in the video below.

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In the second part of the debate, Omar Imam, Donald Weber and Joyce Lagerweij talk about the image on refugees. In recent years, there have been a number of photography and multimedia projects with a similar aim: to give refugees a face. But do projects of this kind have any effect on social perceptions of refugees within Dutch society? Do we reach the right people?


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