Theatre room

The Geneva room at the Humanity House is a multipurpose space with accompanying foyer that can accommodate groups up to 100 people. With its permanent tiered seating arrangement, the Geneva room is ideal for lectures, debates, workshops, classes, meetings, seminars and film screenings. The intimate ambience of the room encourages dialogue and interaction. A large screen and video projector are available, as is a free Wi-Fi network. You can welcome your guests in the adjoining foyer with a drink and a bite to eat.

Visit our museum

Want to add another dimension to your training course, workshop, meeting or lecture? Why not visit our museum. Humanity House allows you and your guests to step into the shoes of a refugee. Our journey of a refugee adds layers of meaning to your event.

What others think

Many have gone before you, among them the City of The Hague, Red Cross, Dutch Council for Refugees, Hivos, SDU Uitgevers, FunX, PostNL, and the Ministry of Security and Justice. Thanks to them, we score a fine average of 8.6 on the MeetingReview website! Want to know what others think? View our profile.