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30 Aug

Open Air Cinema

The Other Side of Everything

A Belgrade apartment divided in two, tells the story of a family and serves as a symbol of a country in political turmoil. Filmmaker Mila Turajlic starts a conversation with her mother, looking for a family history and the political changes that underlie this history. Mila’s mother, Sbrijanka Turajlic, was born in the apartment, in which almost the entire movie takes place. She lived there her whole life, during the communist regime, the civil war, the breakup of Yugoslavia and during the revolution, in which she had a prominent role as an activist.

The movie paints a moving portrait of Srbijanka and the relationship with her daughter. How did this powerful woman act up during the revolution and how do her ideals translate to the new generation? What influence does the political turmoil in Serbia has on both mother and daughter? Mila Turajlic won award of Best Feature-Length Documentary with The Other Side of Everything, during IDFA 2017.


Director: Mila Turajlic
Length: 104 minutes
Subtitels: English subtitles

The open air film can only start at sunset, which is around 9.30 pm. If it rains we will screen the film in our (covered) Genève Room. Drinks and snacks are available on the terrace during the movie.

Make sure to come on time so you can also visit The Sensory Pod: a special cabin that enriches the audiovisual experience of VR glasses with odor, temperature, wind, vibration and light. The Sensory Pod lets you personally meet Syrian refugees who had to exchange their own house for a refugee camp in Lebanon.


Cineuropa wrote: “The Other Side of Everything is a multi-layered work by a thoroughly precise and dedicated filmmaker who is nothing less than perfect at balancing facts, ideas and emotions, and has an uncanny sense of dynamics, even managing to create moments of pure poetry.”

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