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02 Aug

Open Air Cinema

Watani: My Homeland


A family with four young children lives in a largely destroyed neighborhood of Aleppo. The war is part of their everyday life. Father risks his life every day in the Free Syrian Army, trying to topple Assad’s regime. Despite all violence and the constant threat, the family tries to continue their life in their own city, until the father falls in the hands of Islamic State. Mother decides it is time to leave Syria. Via Istanbul, they flee to the German town Goslar, where the family tries to build up a new life. The children are wonderfully resilient, but it’s hard for the mother to start all over again in a new country, without any news about her husband.

Director Marcel Mettelsiefen followed the family closely for three years. The result is a stirring documentary that shows the daily life of a family hit by war.


Director: Marcel Mettelsiefen
Length: 74 minutes
Subtitels: English subtitles

The open air film can only start at sunset, which is around 9.30 pm. If it rains we will screen the film in our (covered) Genève Room. Drinks and snacks are available on the terrace during the movie.

Make sure to come on time so you can also visit The Sensory Pod: a special cabin that enriches the audiovisual experience of VR glasses with odor, temperature, wind, vibration and light. The Sensory Pod lets you personally meet Syrian refugees who had to exchange their own house for a refugee camp in Lebanon.


Point of View Magazine wrote: “Watani: My Homeland is a timely film that tells the world to step up and help refugees around the globe.”

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