Not everyone lives a life in safety and peace. Disasters and conflicts affect the lives of many millions of people around the world. What do your students think of this?

At present, an estimate of 70,8 million people around the world have fled their homes. Our educational programs enhance understanding of humanitarian themes related to refugees, war and relief aid. What are the stories of the people behind the statistics? Do your students understand these figures? Can they gain empathy for people forced to flee from war and conflict?

Humanity House contributes to the development of skills related to the theme of citizenship. We encourage students to engage in dialogue and determine their own point of view about social, global and international developments. Through our interactive educational programs, your students  discover what peace, safety and world citizenship means to them.

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Complete your Journey of a Refugee with a personal encounter with Sahar or Ayham, who are able to share their personal refugee story in a presentation. Want more information? Just ask us!