The Good Postman - Humanity House


03 Aug



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Open Air Cinema

The Good Postman

In an almost deserted Bulgarian village on the border with Turkey, known for centuries as ‘The Great Gate’, there are only 38 voters left. Among the candidates running for mayor is Ivan the postman. He has come up with an unconventional and generous-minded plan to breathe new life into his village. Since the times of the Roman and Ottoman Empires, refugees have been entering Europe through this ‘gate’. So why not offer the passing Syrian refugees a home and a new beginning in the empty village?

Ivan’s main rival is against the idea, and it’s not entirely clear what the incumbent mayor thinks. The film follows the three candidates’ campaigns as they attempt to appeal to their elderly electorate. In this tragicomic portrait of a sleepy village that suddenly finds itself at the center of current affairs, we see how the villagers’ fears and worries compete with their hope and compassion.


Director: Tonislav Hristov
Length: 82 minutes
Subtitles: English subtitles
The films are screened by Solar Cinema, the first and only Dutch solar powered mobile cinema.
Attention! the film starts at sunset (around 9.30 pm)
Rain: If it rains we will screen the film in our (covered!) Genèva Room

On our terrace nice drinks and snacks are sold for during the film.

What others thought of this film

On the Dutch media platform De Correspondent, The Good Postman received a very enthusiastic review: ‘in a slow pace and in extraordinary beautiful images, supported by enchanting music, the Bulgarian-Finnish director Tonislav Hristov portrays sympathetically, but without romanticizing, the struggle of the villagers with the disappearance of their village, the refugee crisis, the loneliness, and with existence.’

According to Variety, The Good Postman is a ‘superb documentary study of electoral process in a small Bulgarian village that pulses with wider-world resonance.’

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