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Humanity City

The informative and surprising exhibition is built as a colorful city of hope and inspiration. Famous and less famous people will guide you to their home and show you how they contribute to a better, nicer and more just world. Visitors can walk from house to house and with objects, photo’s, movies, written and spoken word they get a picture of the impact of bigger and smaller action.

About the residents of Humanity City

In every house of Humanity City lives a famous or less famous benefactor with his or her own story. Dutch actress Katja Römer-Schuurman sells special products from poor countries with Return to Sender, George Clooney fights for human rights in Sudan and brings it under the attention of a large public. From Najib Amhali, Floortje Dessing, en Bill Gates, till Fawzia Koofi, Dr. Denis Mukwege and Aung San Suu Kyi. And many more. Get inspired.

What motivates them? Why they choose for this specific charity? People get crestfallen from stories about sickness, poverty, hunger and calamity. Humanity City shows it is also possible in another way. And everybopdy can give a positive contribution to a better world.

Opening times

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About the makers

Designers couple Caspar Conijn & Ray Mensink make exhibitions for museums. They are able to transform the message of a museum into an exciting exhibition. Different techniques will be used. They work together with different professionals in the field of graphic design, light design, sound design, moviemakers and interactive design. The Humanity House asked them to come up with a concept and design for a broad audience. The result is a energetic, colourful ‘city’ where visitors get inspired to use their own talent in helping others.