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Back to the future: education for Syrian child refugees

The main goal of the ‘Back to the Future’ project is to give child refugees the opportunity to go back to school. Three nationally and internationally famous photographers went to visit the project in Lebanon and Jordan and captured the results. The pictures show joyful children who are attending school and emphasise the importance of education for everybody, in particular for these children.

Hundreds of thousands of children who fled Syria are awaiting the return of peace in their own country in Lebanon and Jordan. Most of them are in a hopeless situation. Many of the children have fallen massively behind in their studies and are unable to go to school. They are particularly vulnerable to becoming the victims of exploitation, such as child trafficking and child labour. An entire generation is growing up without any hope for a better future.

Receiving an education is crucial to the healthy development of children. The ‘Back to the Future’ project allows over 21,700 child refugees in Lebanon and Jordan to go back to school. They get help with learning to read, write, and with doing their homework. Because going back to school is going back to the future.

Three nationally and internationally famous photographers went to visit the children in Lebanon and Jordan. Their cameras recorded the importance of receiving an education to children, wherever they may be in the world. We can see, for instance, how Hani (11) from Aleppo attends classes and enjoys every moment of it. When Hani started out, he could only write his name. Now, he is already able to read and write multiple words and is extremely motivated to learn more.

Come visit this exhibition with your (grand)children. Each photo is accompanied by interactive questions and answers that can be discovered using your phone by way of QR codes.

Where to visit?

The exhibition ‘Back to the Future’ is divided into two parts. One part of the exhibition can be seen in the Humanity House. The other part can be seen on the second floor of the Central Library of The Hague at Spui 68.

The exhibition is organized by Terre des Hommes Netherlands.

Opening times

  • 10:00 - 17:00
  • 12:00 - 17:00

About the photographers

Arie Kievit Arie Kievit’s work is featured in multiple newspapers, including Volkskrant, Trouw and Algemeen Dagblad. He has received multiple Dutch Zilveren Camera awards in various categories for his work.

Andy Hall is a Scottish photographer whose work is internationally renowned. He recently published a series of photos on the Back to the Future project in The Guardian.

Diego Ibarra Sánchez (1982) is a documentary photographer and filmmaker living in Lebanon. Diego’s work is published in numerous newspapers and journals, including The New York Times, Der Spiegel and Al Jazeera.