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Splinter, work of art


How to continue with your life when disaster strikes? And live life when you have become a victim or witness of horror and terror?

Artwork ‘Splinter’ of artist Ciska de Hartog is exhibited in Humanity House until the end of March. It exists of a monumental, wooden canopy bed made of elements of antique flooring with in the top a ‘video ceiling’. From under the bed a group of tigers comes crawling…

The artwork tells a story of trauma processing and human dignity. About the production process of the piece, the artist wrote a book, also called Splinter, that is available at the exhibition. The artist will be visiting Humanity House in spring to tell more about the process and background of the artwork.

Come to experience the effect this artwork has on you!

Opening times

  • 10:00 - 17:00
  • 12:00 - 17:00

About Ciska de Hartogh


Ciska de Hartogh studied art in South Africa and in The Netherlands. She worked as a humanitarian aid worker for a.o. Doctors without Borders. She experienced Rwanda during the genocide, but has also worked in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Mozambique, and in South Africa where she developed an HIV-AIDS control programme for the townships around Cape Town.

During these years she met thousands of people who were living on the edge of what can be considered humane circumstances. The artwork Splinter reflects what she experienced, it is both a monument for human dignity and a personal processing of what the artist witnessed.

More information at Stroom Den Haag.