From Evin, With Love

From Evin, With Love presents the handicrafts of imprisoned Iranian women activists from the Evin prison. These women are former human rights activists, lawyers, cartoonists, students, local politicians, but also regular citizens and mothers fighting for their rights. For this reason they have been imprisoned by the Iranian authorities. In the exhibition you see all kinds of random objects such as dolls, birds, sequined purses, patchwork mats and embroidered tablecloths. The women made these works during their imprisonment, expressing their clear desire for freedom.

The Evin Prison in Tehran consists of several wards for political prisoners. They are held there, sometimes unlawfully, in solitary confinement or in a group cell until they are put on trial. After being transferred to the public wards, they have limited time and access to some facilities and equipment. It is at this time where prisoners can buy materials and busy themselves for a few allowed hours. In those hours, these prisoners made and shared their vibrant handicrafts of freedom with the world.

Mansoureh Shojaee is a researcher and an Iranian women’s movement activist. She received some of these arts and crafts and instantly decided to display and share this with others as a page in the history of the women’s movement in Iran.

Join the official opening on Friday, March 9.