In my dreams I want to become a tourist

‘In my dreams I want to become a tourist’ is a multimedia exhibition about the closing of all orphanages in Rwanda. In doing so the African country seems to be the first in a global trend encouraged by Western relief organisations. But is it really better for the children involved?

In the multimedia exhibition there are three central storylines: the story of Hirwa (13) and Jean-Cloude (11) who are, with the help of the three makers, reunited with there young mother after living in an orphanage for a long time. The second storyline is that of this young mother, Farida. At the age of thirteen she gets pregnant for the first time, but she can’t handle the responsibility and becomes, as she puts it, a ‘woman of the night’.

The third layer is the story of Paulien. In 2005 Paulien goes to Rwanda as a tourist, but gradually her role changes to that of caregiver and journalist. Ethical dilemmas arise. Through the different and changing positions of the maker, the relation to her subject becomes increasingly clouded. Are you still objectively to your topic if you yourself play a part in the story?