Stories of Change – Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’

Photographers and multimedia makers offer a revealing insight into North African society

Our image of the Arab revolutions is shaped by international news organisations. Those images of demonstrators demanding change will be remembered forever. Four years after the start of the Arab Spring, however, the media rarely talk about ‘democratisation’ and ‘change’. Has hope disappeared? Is Egypt a military regime and is Libya in chaos? What are the stories behind the reports on TV and the newspaper headlines?

With the exhibition Stories of Change – Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’, World Press Photo, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Humanity House offer a unique glimpse of daily life in five North African countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. Supported by the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, local young photo and video journalists were taught to tell their own story during the Reporting Change training program. The daily life stories seen in the exhibition challenges our perception and provides us with new and surprising insights into the North African region after the ‘Arab Spring’.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Humanity House is offering an educational programme for secondary school pupils. Humanity House is also a venue for debates, lectures, films and photography programmes

Big photo: © Zied Romdhane, Tunisia, Children of the Moon // Small photo: © Zara Samiry, Morocco, My Taboo Child