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Beauty in the Middle: Women of Congo Speak Out

A photographer finds beauty amid Congo’s rape crisis

Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a weapon of war that is shattering the peace of everyday life. Sexual violence, gang rape and slavery are carried out both by members of the army and the rebel groups. In that aftermath, survivors and activists care for each other, help rebuild lives and campaign for justice.

Beauty in the Middle: Women of Congo Speak Out features the inspiring work of women activists and presents the story of the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the women grassroots activists who have mobilized against incredible odds to end rape, and find a way to justice and peace.

View the incredible images of award-winning photographer Pete Mulle, who travelled to war-torn eastern Congo in 2014 to document the work of women activists and survivors who are working for a lasting solution to the violence.

About Mama Cash
Mama Cash is the first international women’s fund, founded in 1983 by five women active in the Dutch women’s movement. The objective was to encourage women’s independence and to advance women’s rights by supporting small-scale initiatives by and for women, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Opening hours
The small-scale exhibition ‘Beauty in the Middle’ is on display in the Foyer of the Humanity House and is free of charge. In exceptional cases the Foyer is closed for visit. Announcements will be made here.

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About the creative team

Award-winning photojournalist Pete Muller (see smaller picture, works for New York Times, National Geographic, Time Magazine), documentary filmmaker filmmaker Jon Bougher and filmmaker en photojournalist Kohl Threlkeld.