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KABK | Diana Gheorghiu and Filippo Maria Ciriani

Diana Gheorghiu and Filippo Maria Ciriani are two graduate students of the KABK who will show their work in the foyer of the Theater on the Spui on December 15 during the Night of the Conflict and from December 18 in the Humanity House.

Integrated Freedom
Filippo Maria Ciriani

In the middle of The Hague, international city of Peace and Justice, lies the International Zone, the place where international organizations and residential areas coexist. Mostly placed far from populated areas, International Zones need high-security measures which are often very visible and prominent. Fences and high walls would have too much impact on citizens of that area, and this is why The Hagueʼs International Zone is also considered as a testing ground for new security measures. How do we make security and freedom coexist?

‘Integrated Freedomʼ analyses the landscape of The Hagueʼs International Zone by unfolding two realities: the one we perceive and one we do not.

Still life with Bird Crashing a Wall
Diana Gheorghiu

What exactly is the Dutch vision on Peace? This year, the Netherlands was a temporary member of the UN Security Council. ‘Still life with Bird Crashing a Wall’ is a visual depiction of our contribution to international peace and security. By isolating the symbolism used in the Security Council’s own briefings, it looks to underline both the complexity and absurdity of the notions of security and protection.

The technique used creates an abstract, sterile environment that invites the viewer to contemplate what peace is.


Opening times

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About the makers

Diana Gheorghiu is a Romanian photography student at the KABK. Her interest goes to the phenomenon of ‘fake news’. In her work she uses 3D software with which she creates an environment that at the same time acts surreal and disturbing as reassuring.

Filippo Maria Ciriani is an Italian photography student. Through research and stories he wants to unfold the background information around an event, individual or place. With his project he examines where the boundary lies between militarization and the public domain.