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A flag for We Are Here FC

The football team We Are Here FC has a logo, a scarf, a t-shirt and even football cards- but they do not have a flag. From September until December 2019, school children have rolled up their sleeves at the Humanity House to design one for the club. The 22 flags they made together are now on display in Humanity House. One of these flags will be reworked by an artist into the official team flag.

We Are Here is a group of undocumented refugees. Their application for a residence permit has been denied by the Dutch government. This means they have no right to housing, they are not allowed to work, and they cannot get an education.

These people are literally living on the street, and often can’t be deported to their home country. They often fall between two stools and end up in a grey area. We Are Here was founded to make their situation visible to the public and ask for attention.

Visibility and identity

The football team developed from We Are Here as a way to kill time and get to know each other better, but also from the need to belong somewhere. The lack of visibility and identity is a large theme in the lives of the players of We Are Here FC. That is exactly why the right flag with a beautiful message behind it is a valuable contribution to the team. That is what makes the cooperation between Humanity House and We Are Here extraordinary.

Opening times

  • 10:00 - 17:00
  • 12:00 - 17:00

About the makers

Three hundred students from primary schools CBS de Horizon, De Diamant, Willem de Zwijgerschool, Collaboration School Emmaus, Statenkwartierschool, Herenwegschool and WSKO Basisschool de Hofvilla in The Hague participated in this project. The flag project is part of Cultuurmenu- cultural education on primary schools in The Hague. For inspiration the students talked to a footballer from We Are Here FC. Artist Katarína Gališinova assisted them in the designs for the flag. Gališinova is, together with two other artists, responsible for all designs and artwork of We Are Here FC.